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Frequenty Asked Questions

Most of the questions you may have can be answered in the About GreenEd page or the User Manual located on the Products page. 

What is the Power Rating?

A GreenEd unit is powered by a 6V battery pack on the inside. Only use rechargeable 1.2-1.5 V AA batteries. There is an optional wall outlet plug which connects into the back of the electrolyzer. It is only rated for 24V.

Can I Use It Indoors?

A GreenEd unit should only be used in a well ventilated area due to the production of hydrogen and oxygen gas which can create a flammable mixture. If in a laboratory, operate a GreenEd unit under the flame hood. If in a classroom, open a window before switching on the device. 

What is the Unit Price?

The GreenEd unit currently costs around $300 USD to produce. We are trying to reduce that cost so that the electrolyzer price is around $300. 

Where Do I Buy It?

The GreenEd Mini-Electrolyzer is currently in the minimum viable product (MVP) stage and is not available at the moment. We are planning to sell it on the Fuel Cell Store, and 

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